Free DIY Bed Bug Extermination Checklist

Day 1


(if you horde, you may need more time)

If you do not clear the clutter before you begin, you will drive the bugs in to the clutter, creating a bigger problem.

Day 2

(This needs to be done in every bedroom and the living room areas, so you may need more time. For larger infestations in houses with carpet that needs to be removed, this will take more than one day).

Pull all furniture away from walls

Remove bedding

Clothi items should be removed and laundered. Place the clothing and bedding in to large Zip lock bags (trash bags do not work because they do not seal. If you use trash bags, duck tape them closed. This is important, so any bed bugs in bedding and clothing do not spread to the laundry area, all of these items will need to be washed Removal and dried on high heat.

Remove curtains

Empty Dressers

Take apart bed frame

Use the wire brush to scrub any areas you suspect bed bugs and eggs

(this might damage your furniture, so you may need to use another method, such as steaming)

Scrub any suspected areas with window cleaner or liquid Oxy products to loosen eggs.

Clean the room, including windows, cracks and crevices with the window cleaner or OXY product.

These products are usually ammonia base, which kills bed bugs and eggs. (do not use straight ammonia, it is a dangerous product, especially to asthmatics)

Thoroughly vacuum everything!

(Remove the vacuum bag right away, place in zip lock and dispose of bag, otherwise the bugs will escape from the vacuum.)

Throw all furniture you intend to throw away at this point.

(Especially couches!!!) – This should be near trash day or a bulk pick up. Items should be seald in large bags. If not scheduled near trash day, plan to go to the dump. It isn’t very expensive. You MUST seal items before you put them in a vehichle to prevent spreading to the vehichle.

Day 3

Clean carpets in bedroom and living area, or remove it.

If you have a steamer, steam everything at this point. (Not windows in the winter, they could crack)

Day 4

Apply bed bug killer according to package directions

For Hot Shot Products:

Spray perimeter, cracks, based boards, inside dressers and so on first, and then fog.

For Damasucs Earth:

Apply in cracks and crevices and any place the bed meets the floor.

For sprays you mix yourself:

Spray perimeter, and mattress (if approved for that), base boards, cracks crevices, inside dressers and so on.

Immediately put zippered mattress and pillow covers on mattresses and pillows

Keep duck tape handy at all times. You will need to inspect the cover regularly and duck tape any tears. You want to keep this mattress sealed tight, so any bugs inside will die instead of escape.

Place Glue Traps

Under bed posts, if not using Damascus Earth, under mattress and under couch cushions.

Days 5 – 11

Begin Removal sealing your home up tight, inside and out.


Base Boards




Floor, wall and ceiling.


Including rubber molding


If needed

Repair and fill any holes in the wall

Even small ones caused by nails.

For Wall Paper:

Repair any torn edges, regluing any raised part.

Seal outside perimiter of home

Work on the laundry in the ziplock bags

Do not remove or open the bag until the item is being placed in the washer.

Days 12 – 17

Spot spray as needed

Don’t overdo it

Blow dry areas of beds where you suspect the small, white baby bugs

(Dont melt your mattress cover or catch anything on fire).

Remove bedding and wash it on a regular basis

Inspect your sealing Removal job

Look for areas you may have missed, or places that have peeled or cracked

Check and replace traps or Damascus earth as needed

Do not permit the travel of blankets around the house

Continue to vacuum every day.

Inspect all areas for bed bugs.

At this point, bed bugs will try to find areas you did not spray to live.

You need to find these areas and use the spot spray to spray them.

Day 18

Spray a second time, for any eggs which may have hatched.

Day 19 and on…

Chang linens 1 x a week

Vacume regularly

Check Traps

Inspect beds


Tear gas used on Occupy protesters in Oakland, California

Story highlightsOne protester, a war vet, has his skull fractured by a police projectile, group saysIn Oakland, police say they fired tear gas after a crowd hit them with paint In Atlanta, demonstrators are arrested at Woodruff Park “It hurts to see America do this to people who want change,” an Atlanta man saysAuthorities made a series of arrests at Occupy Wall Street protests in California and Georgia on Tuesday and Wednesday, with clashes in one city that involved tear gas being used on demonstrators.

Police said they fired the tear gas on protesters in Oakland, California, after the crowd threw paint and other objects at officers.

Among the injured in the clash was a two-time Iraq war veteran, Scott Olsen, who sustained a skull fracture after allegedly being shot in the head with a police projectile, according to Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Olsen, a former Marine, was in serious but stable condition Wednesday afternoon at Highland General Hospital in Oakland, said Dottie Guy, a member of the veterans group who told CNN by phone that she was visiting Olsen at the hospital.

Among a growing number of war vets participating in the Occupy movement, Olsen was peacefully marching from a downtown library toward City Hall in an effort to reclaim an encampment that had been cleared out by police, the veterans group said.

During Tuesday’s clash in Oakland, plumes of smoke could be seen in the city as about 500 people defied calls to leave an area of downtown Oakland, according to police. Protesters had camped for weeks in several areas in the city, including near City Hall, police said.

“The city remains committed to respecting free speech as well as maintaining the city’s responsibility to protect public health and safety,” Oakland police said in a statement.

Oakland resident Andrew Johnson said he decided to leave when police threatened arrests, soon after hearing explosions as tear gas canisters were fired into the air.

“I think at first it was a pretty inspiring sight,” he said of the protesters. “It was inspiring to see people so impassioned. But when the police action began, it was a pretty unnerving sight. Just to see that energy turn into panic and anger was unsettling.”

In Atlanta, police arrested demonstrators at a downtown park overnight. The arrests came after Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said he sent ministers to the park “to see if we can find a way to resolve this amicably.”

Reed told CNN affiliate WSB that concerns were increased when a man in the park was seen with an assault rifle. “We could not determine whether the weapon was loaded and could not get additional information on the weapon,” he said.

Authorities ordered people to leave the park around midnight Tuesday, WSB said, going from tent to tent with flashlights. Arrests began taking place about 12:45 a.m.

Organizers had asked protesters to be peaceful if police took action, and most were, WSB said. Many gathered in the center of the park, locked arms and sang “We Shall Overcome,” as police led them one by one to waiting buses.

A protester at the park said he was scared. “It’s very intimidating,” said Malcolm McKenzie. “I believe what we’re doing is right, but we’re going to jail. It hurts to see America do this to people who want change.”

It was unclear how many people were arrested in the two cities. CNN affiliate KGO reported that at least 85 people were arrested during an early morning raid in one part of Oakland and there were other arrests throughout the day. In Atlanta, WSB reported 53 were arrested.

In Oakland early Tuesday, police dismantled a tent camp set up by protesters in a city park.

The overnight camping had to end because of health and safety concerns, Oakland police said in a statement.

“There were a series of safety conditions, including numerous reports of fighting, assault and threatening/intimidating behavior” at the camp, police said in a statement.

Medical responders could not get to the scene to provide medical care on at least two occasions, and fire and police also could not get through.

“Sanitation conditions worsened with frequent instances of public urination and defecation, as well as improper food storage,” the police statement said. “The existing rodent problem in the park was exacerbated, and authorities were unable to control it because of the campers’ presence. Graffiti, litter and vandalism also posed problems, police said.

After the camp was dispersed, the protesters reconvened for demonstrations later in the day, the affiliates said, prompting the new clashes.

Video from the Oakland clashes showed a chaotic scene, with protesters running from clouds of tear gas.

Oakland and Atlanta are two of many cities worldwide dealing with the Occupy Wall Street protests, the leaderless movement that started in New York in September.

Next round of protests to be closely watched

Demonstrators have typically railed against what they describe as corporate greed, arrogance and power, as well as repeatedly stated their assertion that the nation’s wealthiest 1% hold inordinate sway over the remaining 99% of the population.

Meanwhile, Occupy Wall Street expanded its message to include a call for better health care for the “99 percent,” marching to a shuttered Greenwich Village hospital slated to become high-end condominiums.

Several hundred protesters from Zuccotti Park spent their afternoon connecting their message to the health care debate, converging on the offices of Blue Cross Blue Shield, rallying with doctors and nurses, before heading to the site of the former St. Vincent’s Hospital.

The hospital closed April 30, 2010, and there has been a bitter public debate since over plans to build high-end condominium apartments in a neighborhood with overcrowded schools and no other public health care.

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Did you update your Facebook status when Andy Murray won Wimbledon? Tennis star’s victory was most talked …

Did you update your Facebook status when Andy Murray won Wimbledon? Tennis star’s victory was most talked about event among British users this year | Mail Online

Did you update your Facebook status when Andy Murray won Wimbledon? Tennis star’s victory was most talked about event among British users this year
Facebook released top ten including Royal baby and Margaret Thatcher
Sporting events dominated the list, even those with non-British teams
Computer games also featured strongly – as did the ‘bedroom tax’

By Dan Bloom

PUBLISHED:21:26 EST, 9 December 2013| UPDATED:21:26 EST, 9 December 2013


As the man who claimed the first British men’s singles title for 77 years at Wimbledon, you’d think Andy Murray had won enough honours this year.

But the tennis ace triumphed over another net altogether: beating football, computer games and the Royal baby to become 2013’s most-discussed event on Facebook.

Murray mania clocked in at number one in Britain, followed by Baroness Thatcher’s death at number two and the UEFA Champions’ League final at number three.
National pride: Andy Murray's win was the high point of a hot summer - and users took to Facebook to say so
National pride: Andy Murray’s win was the high point of a hot summer – and users took to Facebook to say so
Baroness Thatcher's death and funeral in St Paul's Cathedral, pictured, clocked in at number two, though not all comment was complimentary. While some praised the former PM's legacy online, others attacked it
Baroness Thatcher’s death and funeral in St Paul’s Cathedral, pictured, clocked in at number two, though not all comment was complimentary. While some praised the former PM’s legacy online, others attacked it
Sport: Perhaps surprisingly considering both teams were German, the UEFA Champions' League final at Wembley stadium beat the birth of Prince George to third place. Pictured: Bonfim Dante fouls Marco Reus
Sport: Perhaps surprisingly considering both teams were German, the UEFA Champions’ League final at Wembley stadium beat the birth of Prince George to third place. Pictured: Bonfim Dante fouls Marco Reus

The list sheds an interesting light on the topics that dominate British life, with some unexpected results.

Two of the top ten were blockbuster computer games, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Grand Theft Auto 5, while live politics featured only once, with the introduction of the so-called ‘bedroom tax’.

More…Don’t sell your PS3! MailOnline picks out the year’s top ten videogames (and the good news is the best one isn’t on next gen)Facebook and Twitter join tech giants in call for Obama to curb government spying
Sport meanwhile dominated the list, taking four of the top ten spots including Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement from Manchester United and England’s success in cricket at the Ashes.

Television featured only once, with The X Factor clocking in at number eight.

All the events could soon be challenged by the death of Nelson Mandela on Thursday, which drew interactions by more than 55 million people in the first day after it was announced.
Baby mania: The birth of Prince George ranked higher globally, at number three, than it did in Britain
Baby mania: The birth of Prince George ranked higher globally, at number three, than it did in Britain

National pastime: Sport dominated the top ten, with Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement at number five
National pastime: Sport dominated the top ten, with Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement at number five

Perhaps understandably with about 1.2 billion Roman Catholics in the world, the election of Pope Francis was the top event globally, followed by ‘election’ – referring to many different countries – ‘Royal baby’.

Curiously enough, the news of Prince George of Cambridge coming into the world ranked higher globally, at number three, than it did in Britain, at number four.

The social network also released lists of the places where people ‘check in’ the most.

Unsurprisingly, the top ten in Britain was dominated by big sporting and music venues including The O2 arena in London, Wembley Stadium, the Westfield shopping centres and the theme parks Thorpe Park and Alton Towers.

But it was the most fundamental part of human nature which won the day. The most-added ‘life event’ to users’ timelines was a new relationship, engagement or marriage, a Facebook spokesman said.

Global power: The sheer number of Catholics in the world helped put Pope Francis' election at number one
Global power: The sheer number of Catholics in the world helped put Pope Francis’ election at number one

Scale: With its 20,000 seats, it's no surprise that London's O2 arena was the most checked-in location
Scale: With its 20,000 seats, it’s no surprise that London’s O2 arena was the most checked-in location

Most discussed topics

1. Andy Murray wins at Wimbledon (July)

2. Baroness Margaret Thatcher dies (April)

3. Bayern Munich & Borussia Dortmund contest the UEFA Champions League Final (May)

4. The Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to Prince George (July)

5. Sir Alex Ferguson steps down as manager of Manchester United (May)

6. Call of Duty: Ghosts released on X-Box 360 and PS3 (November)

7. England retain the Ashes in cricket (August)

8. The X Factor returns to UK screens (August)

9. The ‘Bedroom Tax’ is introduced (April)

10. Grand theft Auto 5 released on X-Box 360 and PS3 (September)

Top check-ins

1. The O2, London

2. Wembley Stadium, London

3. Leicester Square, London

4. Westfield Stratford City, London

5. Trafford Centre, Manchester

6. Alton Towers, Staffordshire

7. Covent Garden, London
A general view outside the Harrods department store in Knightsbridge, on April 11, 2012 in London, England

8. Harrods, London (above)

9. Thorpe Park, Surrey

10. Westfield Shepherds Bush, London

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David MacLeod,Perth, United Kingdom,21 minutes ago

Scotlands contribution to England.We gave you a winner.Enjoy!
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alex22,reading, United Kingdom,35 minutes ago

Not WImbledon, no, I did make the odd comment about the Royal birth and Thatcher’s tv coverage. Certainly not X factor or any computer games!!
ReplyNew10Click to rate
kiboko,Hanover,52 minutes ago

Dear Me! What exciting lives you modern Britons must lead.
New Comment00Click to rate
MG Worcester.,Worcester, United Kingdom,56 minutes ago

Nobody told me he won
ReplyNew00Click to rate
DrMallard,West Palm Beach FL USA,1 hour ago

Nope. Never bothered with that ridiculousness in the first place.
New Comment01Click to rate
Mailmale,Dorset, United Kingdom,1 hour ago

A bunch of losers chatting about a sulky winner….welcome to UK 2013.
ReplyNew42Click to rate
Mark,Durham – UK,1 hour ago

New Comment12Click to rate
EVERTONIA,MERSEYSIDE, United Kingdom,4 hours ago

Of course Andy Murray’s Wimbledon Win was THE Most Talked About Topic,..lf England Win the World Cup next Summer,….The Internet will go in to Melt Down!!!
ReplyNew36Click to rate
marion,stowmarket,2 hours ago

I have never seen Federer play so badly then or since no one seemed to notice
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Constantin Films Pressing Ahead With ‘The Mortal Instruments’ Sequel

Comment Now!
But Martin Moszkowicz, Constantin Film’s head of film and TV, says they were encouraged by the positive response from the fanbase. “The fan response, from the blogosphere and the thousands of mails we have received, has encouraged us to keep going,” he told THR. “It’s been overwhelmingly positive, in contrast to some other YA titles.” (The Mortal Instruments is based on a series of the same title by Cassandra Clare.)
Constantin Films was confident enough in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones that it started planning for the sequel, City of Ashes, before the first film even opened. However, when City of Bones proved a big disappointment at the box office, City of Ashes was delayed indefinitely, and we figured it was that was it for the would-be franchise.

But now that Constantin has had some time to mull it over, and fans have had a chance to speak up, the company has decided that it’s worth pushing ahead with City of Ashes after all. After the jump, find out how they plan to avoid making the same mistakes the next time around.
Posted on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 by Angie Han
Constantin Films Pressing Ahead With ‘The Mortal Instruments’ Sequel | /Film

The first City of Bones was a definite flop. The picture cost Sony $60 million to make and about another $60 million to market, but grossed only $31 million domestically and another $49 million abroad. Reviewers were no kinder than general audiences. The film has a Tomatometer score of 12% and a Metacritic score of 33.
Additionally, Constantin plans to take a closer look at the film itself to see whether the script, casting, or style needs to be reworked. “We”ll go back to the drawing board, and we”ll work on the screenplay; we”ll work on the elements of the movie; and then we”ll budget it,” Moszkowicz told Variety.

City of Bones was directed by Harald Zwart with Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower in the lead roles. Zwart may return for the sequel, though Moszkowicz notes that they’ve been talking to some other helmers as well. As for the cast,? Sigourney Weaver was attached to play a major role in City of Ashes? over the summer.
Constantin Films Pressing Ahead With ‘The Mortal Instruments’ Sequel
To ensure that the City of Ashes won’t flop, Moszkowicz said that they’re looking at what went wrong with City of Bones, “particularly with the positioning and the marketing.” One mistake they made, he said, was aiming too squarely at teen audiences while ignoring Clare’s adult fans. “The readers of Mortal Instruments are older than you might think,” he said.
The Mortal Instruments City of Bones
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